Childhood Anxiety Occupational Therapy

FITS San Diego can help children with anxiety disorders.

Every parent wants their child to be happy. So much time and energy can be spent by a parent doing all they can to help their child live a happy and healthy life, but oftentimes factors beyond their control can lead to a child being unhappy. Childhood anxiety is one of those factors, and the experts at Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego can help with Occupational Therapy. Anxiety can be very difficult to treat, but we have years of experience and education.

What are the Signs of Anxiety in Children in San Diego?

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How do you know if your child is suffering from an anxiety disorder? There are some common signs and symptoms of anxiety that you can look out for if you think your child struggles with anxiety. The first thing is if your child is constantly worrying about things that might happen. This isn't stressing about something that has happened (like a trauma in the past) or something that will happen (such as an assignment due in school), but rather worrying about hypothetical scenarios and how these scenarios will negatively impact the child. This excessive worrying can present itself as trouble sleeping, constantly feeling tired and fatigued, inability to concentrate and constant irritability. 

How Do You Help Treat a Child With Anxiety?

There is no ironclad treatment for childhood anxiety. Like most mental health issues, there are a variety of different approaches that each have their own respective pros and cons. Many will suggest medication as treatment for childhood anxiety. However, at Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego we prefer occupational therapy. Our therapy sessions work to identify the stimuli that are causing the anxiety in the child. This can be a variety of factors or things in their environment, but it is important to first identify them.  Once identified, we can teach the child strategies to deal with the stimuli and reduce the stress it may cause. With time and persistence, this can help a child with anxiety lead a happy and healthy life.

Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services Can Help San Diego Children With Anxiety

If your child in San Diego suffers from an anxiety disorder, the occupational therapists at Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services can help. We have trained experts who use evidence-based strategies to help reduce the anxiety your child will feel, enabling them to live a happy and productive life. If you want to help your child deal with anxiety.