Ways San Diego Children Benefit from Yoga / by web build

Yoga for children can help in San Diego.

The popularity of yoga in the US has skyrocketed over the last decade, as more Americans turn on to the numerous health benefits of regular yoga practice. More recently, our nation's schools have begun adopting yoga as part of their physical education curriculums. Most consider this a terrific opportunity to help a new generation make fundamental gains in fitness and psychological health. Here are a few of the many ways children benefit from yoga.

Children's yoga increases strength and energy

Yoga provides a safe and effective way to help children develop increased strength without impeding growth. While even a mild yoga practice may exercise every muscle in the body, including vital core muscles, it also energizes them, resulting in more alert, attentive students.

Yoga for children offers a respite from overstimulation

Today's children don't just have television to distract them, they have internet and higher average class sizes, meaning many children are subjected to near constant stimulation throughout the day. The meditative qualities of yoga practice give children a chance to slow down and focus on regulated breathing. Thus, even as their bodies are exercised, their brains are relaxed. Children who practice yoga therefore show reduced stress, lower levels of anxiety, and a better ability to focus. In short, they will return to class ready and able to concentrate, which means they are better prepared to learn.

Yoga for kids offers improved balance and coordination

One of the biggest ways children benefit from yoga is by increasing core strength. Some of the key muscle groups yoga does well to exercise are deep within the core, used by the body to find its center and control its balance. While this helps children of any athletic ability to improve stability and body awareness, it may particularly help kids with balance and coordination issues to improve body control. This can help boost confidence, prevent injury, and open the door to pursuing a greater variety of activities and interests than they might otherwise enjoy.

Yoga offers noncompetitive physical activity for children

Most social physical activates children are exposed to are competitive in nature, with clear winners and losers. For athletically gifted children, these sports may engender confidence and self-worth, but for children with different natural abilities, it may subject them to judgment or ridicule instead. Yoga doesn't define losers — everyone is practicing at their own skill level, and winning thanks to yoga's many benefits.

Yoga fosters a positive self image for children in San Diego

When you put together all the aforementioned reasons children benefit from yoga, it adds up to a child performing better in school, reducing stress and anxiety, finding it easier to engage socially with their peers, and finding greater enjoyment of physical activities. When kids are given such tools to succeed, they come away with a more positive self-image, bestowing the confidence to aim high and reach their full potential. Not only is that what every kid needs, it's what every child deserves.