Coordination & Balance Occupational Therapy for San Diego Children

Occupational Therapy for children with balance and coordination issues.

Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services specializes in occupational therapy for San Diego children with developmental disabilities and issues. One specific thing we focus on at FITS OT is assisting children with coordination and balance issues. Coordination and balance is a skill that is largely taken for granted by people, however struggles with coordination and balance can have a drastic event on a child's happiness and future success.

What are Coordination & Balance Issues in Children

Balance is simply put the ability to keep your body at a homeostasis while performing other tasks. Being able to control your body positioning and balance allows you to focus at the task at hand, where otherwise you would be toppling all over the place. It is important to be able to control our body position during both static and dynamic activities. The ability to stay balance and focused while engaged in an activity is measured as your level of coordination.

Why is Balance & Coordination Important for Children?

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Lacking balance and coordination can make even the most simplistic tasks very difficult. Lacking coordination can take your mind off the task at hand, since so much energy and focus needs to be put on merely balancing. On top of simple tasks, balance and coordination allows children to excel at sports, a sometimes essential component of childhood for many young San Diego children. Balance and coordination also lower the risk of injury for children, as they can more easily correct missteps and adjust to accidents.

Signs That Your Child May Have Coordination & Balance Issues

Clumsy is one thing. Balance and coordination issues are a bit more severe then merely tripping every once in awhile. If you child has balance and coordination issues, not only will they trip or stumble easily and often, they also do not have the ability needed to correct stumbles. That means that more often then not, a trip or stumble quickly turns into a fall. That is not the only way balance and coordination issues present themselves. Your child may also tend to avoid physical activities and sports, be late to physical development milestones such as walking or crawling, be slow to master physical skills and activities, and have difficulty getting dressed standing up.

Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services Occupational Therapy Can Help

If you live in San Diego and have a child with balance and coordination issues, Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services can help. We have an expert staff of occupational therapists ready to walk your child through drills, games and workshops to teach them the skills necessary to master balance and coordination. Our amazing location has state of the art equipment to help children with developmental disabilities conquer their coordination and balance issues. Contact Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services today to get started.