San Diego Handwriting Deficit Occupational Therapy

San Diego Handwriting Deficit Therapy for children.

Handwriting is an essential part of everyday life for the average person. While the proliferation of computers and smartphones has lessened the need for legible penmanship, it is still an essential trait for any adult. That is why Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego offers occupational therapy for children with a Handwriting Deficit.

Sensory Processing Disorder in Children & Handwriting Issues

Sensory Processing Disorder, also known as SPD, is a developmental disorder in children that can result in problems with motor functioning. SPD can be found in children with autism, and Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego is uniquely equipped to help. Sensory Processing Disorder has the unfortunate effect of making handwriting very difficult. This is called Handwriting Deficit, and FITS San Diego is ready to assist children with handwriting deficit.   

We Help Children With a Handwriting Deficit in San Diego

Handwriting Occupational Therapy for Children in San Diego.

Handwriting Deficit can really cause children to struggle in school but perhaps more importantly hinder the child's ability to express feelings and creative thoughts. Sensory Processing Disorders can cause difficulties even holding a pen, so it is essential to start Occupational Therapy for a child with a Handwriting Deficit as soon as possible. The experts at Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego have years of experience and training when it comes to helping children with Handwriting Deficit, so we know just where to start. Our team of occupational therapists will get to work helping your child understand the basic framework of holding a pen, writing, drawing and more. With some persistence, dedication and effort you can expect your child to show improvement in their handwriting in no time.

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If your child is struggling with a developmental disorder that has made handwriting a constant and consistent challenge, they may have a Handwriting Deficit. Luckily, Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego specializes in helping children with developmental disorders, and more specifically a Handwriting Deficit, with Occupational Therapy. If you want to help put your child on the fast-track to success.