Interactive Metronome Occupational Therapy

Interactive Metronome Occupational Training in San Diego.
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Interactive Metronome is one of the best occupational therapies available to treat Sensory Processing Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities. Interactive Metronome is an Auditory Intervention that can help children in San Diego whop have issues maintaining focus in activities, be it school or with family or friends. Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services have Auditory Intervention Specialists on hand ready to help San Diego children with Occupational Therapy like Interactive Metronome.

What is Interactive Metronome Auditory Interventions?

A common issue with young children in Occupational Therapy is a lack of fine motor skills. With many developmental disabilities, it can be exceedingly difficult to perform even the most basic tasks because the disability causes motor performance to suffer. That is why we use Interactive Metronome as part of our Auditory Interventions Occupational Therapy. Interactive Metronome is when a child touches some kind of trigger in time with a beat coming through headphones on a computer. There is then realtime feedback on whether the child taps before, after or during the trigger, giving invaluable insight into how to improve reaction time and motor skills.

What Does Interactive Metronome Occupational Therapy Improve in San Diego Children?

Interactive Metronome is such an effective form of Auditory Intervention because of the wide range of improvements it can make in the lives of children with fine motor skill issues. Experiences differ from person to person, however research and studies have shown that Interactive Metronome can lead to improves in the following skills:

  • Attention to detail and symptoms of ADHD and ADD
  • Regulating yourself in various social situations
  • Various forms of Mathematics
  • The ability to regulate the upper extremities
  • Athletic Performance in team sports and individual competitions
  • Reading ability in terms of advanced comprehension, speed & fluency
  • Motor skills, balance and coordination
  • Both long-term and short-term memory
  • The ability to process information in a timely fashion.

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Are you or your child a candidate for Interactive Metronome Occupational Therapy? Then you need to contact Functional Integrated Therapeutic Services in San Diego. FITS offers amazing Occupational Therapy for children with developmental disorders, and we specialize in Auditory Interventions such as Interactive Metronome. If you are interested, contact FITS to get your child on the path towards success!