San Diego Occupational Therapy Services

When a child begins to understand what their needs are, then real growth, physical,
emotional and developmental takes place.

Occupational Therapy

Our primary aim is to equip our patients to lead productive lives. Occupational therapy addresses client-specific needs and provides appropriate activities to improve physical and social skills. It focuses on identifying and eliminating environmental and physical barriers to independence and participation in daily activities. Here at FITS, our therapists create individualized treatment plans to address your child’s physical, mental, or cognitive disabilities.

Wellness & Health Rhythms

A proven method to enhance occupational therapy is through the promotion of general wellness, exercise, and self-expression. We offer programs that encourage camaraderie, support, and community values. In particular, our wellness therapy has proven especially beneficial to individuals with anxiety. With our astronaut and yoga programs, students can learn the ins and outs of the human body to better understand their needs.      

Auditory Intervention for Children in San Diego.

Auditory Intervention

Research shows that music intervention enhances social, communicative, emotional, motor, and cognitive functioning. Since the auditory system has connections to many parts of the brain, sound is a powerful way to access the nervous system and affect changes at all levels. Auditory intervention can provide consistency, predictability and familiarity that assist the learning techniques of people with ASD, ADHD, and other cognitive disabilities.