Wellness & Health Rhythms in San Diego

FITS in San Diego offer wellness and health rhythm therapy.

Treating the Whole Person

Sometimes you have to look for alternatives to suit your child’s specific needs. Maybe they aren’t responding very well to one-on-one therapy services. Or maybe they suffer from debilitating anxiety disorders that make everyday life stressful.

At FITS, we offer a wide variety of engaging activities, camps, and wellness programs to supplement our cognitive therapies and provide holistic and alternative remedies.

One of our primary goals is to treat the whole person, body and mind. Each of our wellness programs serves as a highly engaging, anxiety disorder treatment and we make every effort to ensure they are as fulfilling and enjoyable for your child as possible.

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How Does Auditory Intervention Therapy Work?

Auditory Intervention Therapy is designed to encourage active listening to normalize the way in which the brain processes sound. For example, your child’s hearing tests may indicate that they are hypersensitive to the frequencies of 3,000 Hertz (Hz), but respond appropriately to all other frequencies within the normal range. This means they will become overstimulated, agitated, or anxious when exposed to sounds around 3,000 Hz.

Fun and Engaging Therapeutic & Wellness Programs that Work!

We offer wellness programs based around techniques at the forefront of the latest
occupational therapy research, some examples include:

Health Rhythms Drumming reduces stress in San Diego.

Health Rhythms Drumming

Health Rhythms drumming is useful to reduce stress. Therapeutic drumming is ideal for children who have verbal communication issues. It can provide a safe and secure outlet for them.

Yoga for children benefits San Diego.

Yoga & Exercise Programs

Yoga and Exercise programs target the mental and physical flexibility of individuals with different challenges. This is specifically beneficial for anxiety and stress management, as it equips kids with techniques for making good choices. The empowered and relaxed statethat Yoga and Exercise brings about can also possibly help overcome generalized anxiety disorder in children.       

Astronaut Program for children therapy San Diego.

Youth Astronaut Program

Our youth astronaut program uses a scope of activities that involve listening, looking and moving to improve the interaction in your child’s auditory, visual and vestibular sensory systems.

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